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Bluetooth earbuds related technical issues
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1. Can my mobile phone use Bluetooth?
A: Bluetooth is a kind of world standard protocol, as long as your mobile phone has Bluetooth function, you can use Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth hands-free and other Bluetooth mobile phone accessories.For common brands of mobile phones, you can check their website to see if your phone supports Bluetooth.
2. How do I choose a Bluetooth earbuds
Answer: First, choose the Bluetooth earbuds of your own brand. If you don't like the Bluetooth headset of the same brand, then choose the Bluetooth earbuds of other brands.Secondly, choose a new style, shape like headset, various Bluetooth headset functions, performance are not very different, only the appearance of each has its advantages.
3. Is the Bluetooth headset easy to use?
A: The Bluetooth headset is very simple to use, much simpler than a cell phone.Bluetooth headset before use, first pair with mobile phones and simple matching process is introduced: hold the headset button boot have said (manual) 8 to 10 seconds, then use mobile search bluetooth devices, mobile phone will be displayed after find out found bluetooth name, password input matching (typically 0000) by the determination of mobile phone keys, then after the completion of the matching process is so simple.Bluetooth headsets don't have many buttons, most of them just have volume buttons, answer/hang up buttons, so it's very easy to use.
4. What is the effective range of Bluetooth?
Answer: Bluetooth is for short distance data communication and the application of the protocol, the effective range is about 10 meters, the greater the effective range, will cause the headset power consumption will increase, the volume of weight will also increase, so there is no need to require a large effective range.
5. What is the pairing password for Bluetooth?
A: The Bluetooth pairing password is usually 0000.
6. Does the Bluetooth headset have radiation problems?
Answer: The radiation value is only a few tens of times that of a mobile phone, which can almost be ignored. It is a product free from radiation inspection, which can be safely used. It is a green way to use mobile phones, which has become quite popular in Europe and the United States.
7. Can the Bluetooth headset battery be replaced? What is its life span?
A: Most of the Bluetooth headset batteries are lithium batteries built in (a small part of the Bluetooth headset is outside the No. 7 battery), the battery cannot be replaced, and the battery charge times are about 500 times.According to each use of 3 days, it can be used for 1500 days, which is about 3-4 years. A Bluetooth can also be eliminated after 3 years, so there is no need to worry about the problem of Bluetooth headset battery failure.
8. What should I pay attention to when charging headphones?
A: The first charge - you need to recharge the headphone battery for 24 hours before you can use the headphone.Recharge - when you hear five beeps repeated every 20 seconds through the earphone speaker, the earphone needs to be recharged.
9. How to wear headphones?
A: The earphone is initially set to be worn by the right ear.Open the microphone arm, then open the ear hook (at an Angle of 45 degrees with the earphone), hook the ear hook behind the ear, cover the earphone over the ear, and point the microphone arm toward your mouth.
10. After the Bluetooth headset is successfully bound to a mobile phone that supports Bluetooth function, why can't the headset work normally?
A: Before you make a call, you must connect the headset to the telephone.Find the list of Bluetooth headset devices in your phone and select "Connect" from Properties or Options.If the headset device cannot be used normally, please delete the Bluetooth device from the phone and rebind the device.
11. How to charge the Bluetooth earbuds?
A: 1. Plug the charger into the headset, with the side of the charger with the release label facing down and the headset facing up.2. Plug the other end of the charger into the power socket. When charging, the headset indicator lights up until the end of charging.The headset cannot be used while charging.It takes about 24 hours for the first charge and about 1.5 hours after that.3. When the charging ends (the indicator light is off), remove the charger from the power socket and press the release button on the charger plug to remove the charger from the headset.Note: You can use the original on-board power adapter to charge the headset while driving.
12. How to change the headset to wear on the left ear?
A: The earphone is initially set for the right ear, but should be changed to the left ear: 1. Open the microphone arm, then open the ear hook (at an Angle of 90 ° with the earphone) 2. Gently lift and pull the upper part of the earphone hook, remove it from the upper link pin, and then push it away to move it.3. Turn the headphones upside down.4. Hang the bottom of the ear hook on the lower link pin, then lift and pull the upper part of the ear hook from the upper link pin.
13. How to adjust the volume of headphones?
A: Press the upper end of the volume button repeatedly to increase the volume to the desired volume.Press the lower end of the volume button repeatedly to reduce the volume to the desired volume.
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