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about mobile phone how to connect to bluetooth headset
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Abstract: Unable to search Bluetooth headset by mobile phone is a problem that many friends who use Bluetooth headset will encounter.There are also friends who, when they first touch the Bluetooth headset, find that they don't know how to connect to the phone.I didn't quite understand the instructions.If the phone cannot connect to Bluetooth, the first thing to check is that the phone has turned on "Bluetooth mode";Whether the phone is turned on to see any devices;The Bluetooth headset is not in pairing mode.


Bluetooth headset | nordson, can't bring you how to solve search bluetooth headset solution.


How to connect the Bluetooth headset to the mobile phone


The first time to use Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth headset how to connect with the mobile phone?


1. In general, when the Bluetooth headset enters the pairing state, it only needs to hold down the power button for about 10 seconds, and the headset will turn from off to on and then to the pairing state, which is shown as the headset indicator light (long on).Then use your phone to search Bluetooth Settings to find your headset.


2. The factory Settings of some earphones are quite complicated.Some code in the time, to open the headset, and then press +, - after 10 seconds or so, then the indicator light will flash red and green alternately, so you can use the mobile phone to search Bluetooth devices.In some cases, you press and hold the power button and + for about 10 seconds after the earphone is turned on. The other steps are the same as those of normal earphones.


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3. After the headset enters the pairing, the mobile phone should search for Bluetooth device. Generally, it takes about 5 seconds for the mobile phone to search for the headset.Most phone passwords are 0000 or 1234, but there are a few that are specifically set by the manufacturer, which will be detailed in your headphone manual.


4. When the phone searches for the headset and you enter the password correctly, it does not mean that your phone can use the Bluetooth headset to answer the call.Many mobile phones now need to connect to the headset after finding the Bluetooth device. If your phone is not connected to the headset in the Settings, you will still not be able to answer the call.Of course, there are also some mobile phones, you do not need to connect the earphone, as long as the pair is successful, the mobile phone will be very intelligent to connect the earphone.


Two, Bluetooth headset connected to the mobile phone method


1. Open the Bluetooth program of the mobile phone, select -- Pair Device -- Option -- New Pair Device -- OK, and press the headphone on key for 5 seconds (when the power of the headphone is turned off), then the headphone will enter the pairing state. If the phone finds the headphone (if the simultaneous code is 0000), connect the headphone and set it as the authorized device.


2. First of all, when you get the Bluetooth headset, first turn on the Bluetooth headset. Generally, the Bluetooth headset has an on key and a MODE key.That's not the point, the point is that all of the bluetooth headset, after opening, the indicator light will keep flashing, blue for on behalf of the normal operation of light, then you must go long press MODE key and press until, keep the blue indicator light, is not a lights flash, but long bright, only this time, the bluetooth headset can be search only, so you can search the bluetooth headset.


3, when you set the bluetooth headset to after can be search, cell phone bluetooth, according to the normal use of the bluetooth transmission, the method of "search more equipment," the search for a while, there will be a logo with "bluetooth headset" model of equipment, such as N3 can appear a device called N3, then simple, select to connect the device, and it will pop up a box, then is the password to see what the default password is your bluetooth headset, the directions should be.


4. After you enter your password, a box will pop up asking you to confirm whether to connect the Bluetooth headset without searching. Select Yes.


5. Open the Bluetooth program of the mobile phone, select -- Pair Device -- Option -- New Pair Device -- OK, hold down the headphone's on key for 5 seconds (when the headphone power is turned off), and the headphone will enter the pairing state. If the phone search for the headphone (if the simultaneous code is 0000), connect the headphone and set it as the authorized device.


Three, why mobile phone search can not Bluetooth headset


If you cannot search for Bluetooth headset, what should you do? If you cannot search for Bluetooth headset on your mobile phone, many friends will find that they do not know how to connect with their mobile phone when they contact the Bluetooth headset for the first time.I didn't quite understand the instructions.The following Xiaobian will give you how to solve the problem of Bluetooth headset search.


Answer 1: Press and hold the MFB or power button of the Bluetooth headset. The blue light will light up and flash for about 5 seconds. Do not let go of the press and hold until the red and blue light flash alternately and release the button.After opening the Bluetooth search, search for the device name and select Connect.(You may need to enter a password, usually 0000 or 1234, refer to the instructions for details)


Answer 2: in the power off state, long press the power button of the earphone, until the light is long and bright, is the pairing state.At this time, the mobile phone can be found, not just turn on the headset can be found.

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